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Creativity can be messy, and at FCS students get their hands dirty in clay, glue, finger paints, pencils, and oil pastels. Students are challenged to combine and use materials in interesting ways as a means of looking at God's world as an amazing art revelation. FCS students enter the Newaygo County Council for the Arts Student Art Competition, where they have won many awards. Our students art work is also a constant presence on our walls, bringing much color and joy to our hallways!

Our Elementary art curriculum (K-5) follows a three year cycle. That cycle consists of Art around the World where the students learn about other cultures. The next part of the cycle is Art with Artists when the students learn about artists and how they interperet the world through their art work. The last part of the cycle is Art is Fundementals when we concentrate on identifying and using the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.

Our middle school students explore a variety of art media, begin personalizing their own work, and work on more complex themes.