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Outdoor Education


1. We are Earth Keepers and Creation Enjoyers

  • OE allows students to respond to God’s call to care for creation.  Students will actively pursue renewal and restoration in God’s creation.  Students will take joy in creation and see how creation points us back to our creator.

2.  Indoor/Outdoor Learning (Connecting our Curriculum to the Outdoors)

  •  OE is inquiry-based, real-world, experiential learning.  It offers both an indoor/outdoor environment to meet the needs of all learners while also meeting the grade-level standards. 

3. Community Connections 

  • OE includes off-site learning and community connections. The program will include involvement with local agriculture and community partnerships.   

4. Grade Level Projects

  • OE includes ongoing learning projects.  Each grade level will participate in yearly on-going projects such as growing pumpkins, tapping maple trees, and managing the hoop house. These ongoing projects provide ownership of learning along with character building.


Photos from our K-5 Outdoor Education Classes