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Stepping Stones Preschool

Welcome to Fremont Christian Preschool for 2016/17.  We are so glad you chose to be a part of our preschool program. 

The MWF curriculum is based on the Zoo-phonics program.  We try to take one letter per week. Zoo-phonics is a wonderful program and the children seem to do do very well with it.  It promotes lots of learning and fun!  We do our letters based around UNITS.  For example: letter 'P' we focus on Penguins and Pizza.  We have our hometown Spanky's pizza come into the classroom during the week and show us how they make pizza.  Then the best part is we get to try that good pizza.  We use several Field Trips throughout the year to accent our units.  Our classroom is set up in center based learning areas.  We learn about theme based Bible stories, do monthly memory verses, learn new songs for a Grand-friend's program, Christmas program, a Mother's Day celebration, and alphabet letters.  It is an exciting time in the life of each preschooler.    

The T/TH curriculum is based on colors, numbers, and shapes.  We do lots of large and fine motor skills, making friendships, singing, Bible stories and memory work, confidence building, physical activities, reading, center based learning and just FUN.  It is amazing how much learning takes place.  Children of this age are like sponges.

Calendars go home on a monthly basis for planning in both classes.  Be sure to check out the schedule and the notes on the back side for planning.  Snack Lists will be handed out and we are a nut free classroom due to allergies.  Be sure to keep a close look at the schedule.  Check our preschool handbook for some snack ideas.  All of this is available in the classroom or the office.

We are so excited about planning ahead and possibly working with you.  Please be in prayer for the preschool program and the children.  With God's help and guidance, it will once again be a great adventure for the 2016/17 school year!

Lizzie Van Wyk
Preschool/ Teacher and director
Phone:  231-924-2740 


Monthly Calendars