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Spanish Immersion

Fremont Christian School offers a unique educational option in its Spanish immersion program. Student learning happens through the medium of a second language. Students in grades K-2 are taught grade-level content in Spanish for the full length of their day. Grades 3-5 introduce formal English instruction for a period of time during the day while the remainder of the day is spent in Spanish. Students in Spanish immersion in grades 6-8 have half of their day in Spanish and 1/2 of their day in English. 

Fremont Christian's Spanish immersion program has a 3-fold goal: to uphold Fremont Christian's academic achievement, to have students become highly proficient in the Spanish language and to create cultural awareness.

The commitment to excellence begins with the teachers hired into this program. We have teachers who are native speakers bringing their culture and expertise in the language to our classrooms, as well as native English speaking teachers whose second language is Spanish. These teachers have traveled and lived in Spanish speaking countries for various amounts of time and bring first-hand experiences back to the classroom. Our Spanish immersion program is blessed to have academic support in aides in the classroom, as well as pull out support.

If you would like a first-hand look into our program, we would be happy to host you for a tour. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

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