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Spanish Immersion

Research shows that learning a second language at a young age exercises the brain and opens up new neural pathways, allowing for greater native language competency and academic success. Immersion produces bilingual students who are high academic acheivers, and who gain knowledge and appreciation of other Spanish speaking cultures to prepare for success in discipleship and the global workforce.

The FCS Spanish Immersion program is a unique educational option where studetns are taught their grade level content in Spanish for the full length of their day.

Spanish Immersion at FCS begins at the Kindergarten and 1st grade levels. Students then continue on each year in Spanish Immersion, with the English language used in instruction a little more each year until 5th grade. At this point students are considered fluent compared to a native speaking child their age.  At 6th grade they join the rest of their grade level student body for most of the day, but will continue on with Immersion maintenance classes added into their program.

Teachers hired in for Spanish Immersion classes are fully qualified, blllingual instructors who are trained in making the classroom a high energy, inviting place to learn. We work with Add.a.lingua (, a company that specializes in promoting and expanding language immersion education. 

 Visit the following classroom webpages for clasroom happenings!

 Spanish 1st Maestra Kalvaitis
 Spanish 2nd Sr. Chuchoque
Spanish 3rd Profe Carolina
Spanish 4th Maestra Alleman

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