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Spanish 2nd: Se��or Chuchoque

¡Bienvenidos a Segundo Grado!


This is our theme of the year. 

Salmos 1 33:1

¡Cuán bueno y cuán agradable es que los hermanos convivan en armonía! 

Some of our academics in second grade are:


We love to learn and talk about all the great things Jesus wants us to do in our lives.  We follow the life of Jesus starting from his birth in Bethlehem to his death and resurrection.  Students are taught about the world in which Jesus lived throughout his lifetime; studying maps and being aware of the political atmosphere during his life which may have influenced Christ and his disciples.  During Bible time students can create projects that include; writing, drawing, and acting. We also do some units with our friends from second grade English.


Students have the opportunity to learn about God’s creation and our part in it.  We start by studying the plants and their parts. We study the planets and the universe and physical science.  All those activities include materials and great resources from Battle Creek Science center.


Our math starts with a quick review from first grade.  During second grade students go through 12 units of math for the school year which includes recognizing patterns and learning how to solve story problems.  They have the opportunity to learn various strategies in addition and subtraction (both double digits and three digits). We review the skills of telling time and counting money.  Students are introduced to basic algebraic concepts such as finding a missing number, area, and perimeter.

Hand Writing:

Students have the opportunity to develop proper handwriting with resources and activities.  By the end of the school year, they will start basic use of cursive, which will continue during 3rd grade.


In our class, we speak 100% Spanish.  Our grammar is learned through reading and writing and practicing.  The use of a foreign language is important to continue progressing. Students have the opportunity to learn more vocabulary every week with a focus on proper grammar. Our grammar lessons are taken from the Add.A.Lingua recommended framework.







"Active listeners"



We Love our community!

     Pedro Chuchoque




My name is Pedro Chuchoque (pronounced chew-Cho-kay)  I am the second-grade Spanish immersion teacher. I would like to let you know more about me.  I was born in Bogota, Colombia where I grew up until I left at the age of 20. After that, I decided to move to San Jose, Costa Rica where I lived and worked for two years until I met my amazing wife.  I moved to the United States, where I decided to stay and start my family. Amanda and I have been living in Grant, MI for the past 16 years with our four kids; Camryn 15, Zahara 11, Malekai 8 and Giovanni 4.  We love our little town, and we have been blessed to find each other. We love to travel both in the US and abroad. When not working or traveling we are usually outside enjoying nature. I love to work at Fremont Christian School it is been a blessing to get to know and work in this community.

     Hebrews 13:16 
    "And do not forget to do    good and to share with others, for with such  sacrifices God is pleased.”