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Spanish 5th: Maestra Alleman

¡Bienvenidos a 5° y 6° grado!

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Denise Alleman

Welcome! I teach 5th and 6th grade Spanish Immersion here at FCS. I feel blessed to be here and have the opportunity to show God's love to these kids each day. I grew up in White Cloud, and still live there with my husband, Joshua, and our three children, Aramis, Zella Grace, and Raiden.  I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor's in Spanish and English. After I graduated, I had the opportunity to live in Spain for a short period to continue to learn and better my Spanish. My deep hope for my students is that they actively stand against injustice, seek ways to show God's love, and are not afraid to be unique in a world telling them to conform. In our classroom, we practice this through active servant leadership as we endeavor to make a difference in our school, our community, and globally.