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Tuition Adjustment Programs



Facts Tuition Adjustment 

If your family has a strong desire for your child to receive a Christian Education, our board of Education has a strong desire to make it happen.

FCS uses a tuition program called FACTS, which is an online service that helps determine a family's tuition adjustment. 

Click the above link to visit the Facts site. 


Tuition Reduction Incentive Program


The Fremont Christian School Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) is an exciting opportunity to accumulate credit toward tuition, help other families with tuition expense or give to your churches Christian Education Fund.
Since you already shop at many participating merchants, doesn’t it make sense to enroll in TRIP and reduce your tuition cost at the same time?
Through TRIP, bulk quantities of gift certificates from grocery stores, restaurants, and many other businesses are purchased at a discount. The certificates are then sold to participating families at face value, with the discount passed on in the form of a tuition credit.
You need not have a student enrolled in FremontChristianSchool to participate.  Some families have even paid for their entire first year of school by enrolling in TRIP before their child even began preschool or kindergarten!
TRIP participants may place orders for relatives or friends.  Family and friends may register for their own TRIP account, and they may designate any family or Christian Education fund to receive the credits for the entire year.  The TRIP program is also available for online purchases.
A percentage of the bulk discount is retained for operating costs.  Discounts vary, so the amount of tuition credit received also varies. 
For more information or to register contact the school office.


Scrip is similar to TRIP, except that it is an online service for purchasing your gift cards. You can choose from 400+ retailers, and they can be sent directly to you, purchased on the spot with ScripNow, or reloaded on to a previous card. Click the image above to register and begin purchasing your gift cards!
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