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Heidie Snyder

Heidie Snyder
Heidie Snyder
Fund Development Director
Groups: Administration


Hello, I am Heidie (Luchies) Snyder.  I’m blessed to serve Fremont Christian School as the Director of Development.  It is my responsibility to coordinate and implement fundraising programs, as well as continue to enhance communication with parents, grandparents, special friends, alumni and potential donors.


I was born and raised in Fremont, on Maple Hill Dairy Farm north of town.   I am immensely proud and thankful for the Christ-focused upbringing in our household.  I attended Fremont Christian School K-8 grade along with three of my siblings.  Some of my fondest memories are here at FCS and I love to see that many of the same traditions are intact nearly 20 years later.   A particular favorite of mine is raking leaves during service week.  I had great joy sharing in this service project with my daughter and her Family Group at school.


One of my most treasured bible verses is, The Lord will FIGHT for you; you need only BE STILL. Exodus 14:14.   I reflect on this often as our lives charge forward so rapidly.  It is my reminder to be still, spend time with the Lord,  share my joys, concerns, worries knowing fully He is a warrior for me!


Christian Education is an invaluable feature in Fremont.  I’m thankful every day for the love of Christ, values of service,  and strength in character that was taught to me as a child at FCS and is now being passed down through my family.  


To those of you who have supported our school in the past, who are supporting us currently and to those who will support us in the future…We Thank You!