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Julie Karnemaat

Julie Karnemaat
Julie Karnemaat
Spanish Immersion Coordinator
Groups: Administration

I am a familiar face to FCS, just a new position. My name is Julie Karnemaat I am the 'Spanish Immersion Liaison'. I am excited to be stretching myself in new ways, working with our bilingual learners and picking up a little espanol in the process! Visit the Spanish Immersion webpage here for more information on our program.

I am married to Tom, who farms vegetables south of Fremont. We have two kids, Logan and Jenna. They are both teenagers now and although we're not quite sure how that happened, we're enjoying all the fun things the teen years bring.  We also are blessed with 3 dogs and 2 horses - some of the family feeling more 'blessed' by these critters than others. :) (I'm not the one who considers them a blessing, but I am trying to convince the family that we need a zebra and a peacock to throw in the mix!) When we aren't farming or chore-ing, we enjoy traveling together. The older the kids get, the more we realize that family time is a precious commodity! If an opportunity to travel is thrown out there, we'll jump on it!

One of my favorite things about Fremont Christian is the inter-grade level collective worship...chapel.  I LOVE hearing young mouths praising Jesus together! To hear the innocent hearts pray, search for answers in the Bible and be lead by peers is pretty special. Chapel days always put a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  

I look forward to #build(ing)it with you this year!

*He must become GREATER, I must become less. John 3:30*