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"What exactly do teachers do during an in-service day?
By: Melinda Barnhart
Created On: 12/06/2017
Last Modified On: 12/06/2017
I wear two different hats at FCS. One I wear as a staff member, the other as a parent. Most meetings I attend I wear my staff hat. But at this meeting I was able to put on my parent hat for a litt... read more
Creating Servant Hearts
By: Melinda Barnhart
Created On: 11/13/2017
Last Modified On: 11/29/2017
From Left to Right: Elsie Barnhart (2nd grade), River Botten (1st grade), Mayson Homrich (2nd grade), and Nevaeh DeKryger (Kindergarten) present World Renew director Carol Bremer-Bennett with a chec... read more
Breaking Down The Plans: Hillcrest Addition Music/Band Center
By: Heidie Snyder
Created On: 11/08/2017
Last Modified On: 11/13/2017
Music is ingrained deeply in the heart of FCS! It is a gift from God and plays a huge part in our worship to Him. We spend a lot of time together as a school family playing music and singing for His G... read more
"I've Got My Walking Shoes On"
By: Melinda Barnhart
Created On: 10/16/2017
Last Modified On: 10/16/2017
    Fremont’s Harvest Festival parade is always an event to look forward to! We typically have our students ride on wagons pulled by tractors, but to represent our theme at school t... read more
Breaking Down The Plans: Hillcrest Addition Front Entrance, Parking Lot, and Donor Wall
By: Heidie Snyder
Created On: 09/27/2017
Last Modified On: 09/27/2017
There are many facets to our Hillcrest building addition.  Over the next few posts highlighting this addition, we'll be breaking down each area in detail to be as transparent ... read more
Grace Adventures
By: Abby Vander Kooi, 8th Grade
Created On: 09/25/2017
Last Modified On: 09/25/2017
Grace Adventures by Abby Vander Kooi   This year the 7th and 8th grade students went to Grace Adventures for 2 days. This was a time filled with lots of fun, memories, and leadership... read more
Meet our newest Spanish Immersion teachers!
By: Melinda Barnhart
Created On: 09/18/2017
Last Modified On: 09/20/2017
(L-R) Pedro Chuchoque, Jessica VanderJagt, Carolina Heredia-Contreras and Denise Alleman   We want to introduce to you our new teacher additions at FCS! The Lord has really bles... read more
Why A Building Addition?
By: Heidie Snyder
Created On: 09/13/2017
Last Modified On: 09/13/2017
Fremont Christian School is raising money for a building addition at our Hillcrest campus because God has blessed us with steady growth and we need to respond!   Let me share a little bit a... read more
September 8th Chapel: Year Theme Kickoff
By: Melinda Barnhart
Created On: 09/11/2017
Last Modified On: 10/19/2017
We were excited to come together as a school family today to officially kick off our school year theme, "Walking in the Wonder: Following and Walking in the Jesus Way." We spe... read more
First Day of School Chapel
By: Melinda Barnhart
Created On: 08/29/2017
Last Modified On: 08/29/2017
The 2017-2018 school year is underway and we could not be more excited! To kick off the year (our 99th!) we held our first all school chapel. To start off, Mr. Barkel called three brave volu... read more
By: Melinda Barnhart
Created On: 08/24/2017
Last Modified On: 10/18/2017
Last week at our first all staff meeting, we read and discussed an article about unity. Here at FCS we focus a lot on the concept of unity. That is not to be confused with uniformity, which is the ide... read more