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6th, 7th and 8th grade



SUPPLY LIST FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR for Middle School:

For all 6th – 8th Graders:  Mrs. Folkema, Mr. DeHaan, Mr. Campbell:

(Be sure to label all items)

General supplies: pens and pencils, highlighter, glue stick, and scissors

Calculator:  TI-3011S

Wide ruled loose leaf paper

12 pack color pencils for history class

Book covers (made or purchased) for all of your textbooks (4).

A Bible is required for personal devotion and chapel to be kept at school. We use the New International Version translation Bible.  Classroom Bibles are also available but must stay in the room.

A Student Planner is required for 6th – 8th grade –All middle school students will be required to purchase and use a school planner for all core subjects for this next year.  Cost is $4.00

For Physical Education:  Appropriate gym shoes and clothing for P.E. Days (6th-8th are expected to change into gym clothing).  Gym clothes must meet school dress code.  Gym shoes should be kept at school for use in the gym for recess and exploratory activities.

A folder/pocket binder organization system:

a binder, all-in-one expanding filing folder, OR organizer with pockets or slots – this should have a  pocket/slot  for each subject:  Bible, History, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Go home papers.


Additional items:

1 single subject spiral notebooks for Language Arts

1 spiral notebook (single subject) for Science

2 pocket folder to be left in Choir Room

3 ring binder for Band

Small package of graph paper for Math class

1 ½ inch 3 ring binder for Math class


For Math:

 White board markers and an old tube sock to put them in for math

 3 ring binder – for 6th and 8th math

6th grade Immersion: Maestra Alleman

·         Math:

·         1 wide ruled notebook

·         1 1” 3-ring binder

·         1  2-pocket folder


·         Bible:

·         Spanish Bible

·         2-pocket folder

·         1 wide ruled notebook

For Homerooms and special classes:

Box of Kleenex

Clorox Wipes

For lunch homerooms:  plastic spoons or forks, napkins or paper plates (large or small – for microwave and class parties)