Dia de Reyes

Día de Reyes
January 6th
Bible reference: Matthew 2
In Mexico, Día de Reyes is celebrated almost like a second Christmas. A very special tradition is to eat Rosca de Reyes ( A King's wreath). This is a traditional Mexican bread in a circular shape with fruit candy on top. The circle/oval shape is meant to represent the never-ending love of Jesus, and the decorative candy represents the jewels on the crowns of the Three Wise Men. The 6th-grade class had a chance to try this delicious bread and drink hot chocolate. Inside the bread, we hide multiple baby Jesus figurines to symbolize how Joseph and Mary hid Jesus from King Herod. As a tradition, whoever finds the baby Jesus brings food for a party. In addition to the Rosca, children also look forward to the 3 Wise Men bringing them presents as they did for Jesus.
Carsyn, Amirrah, Sam, and Anna found the baby Jesus!