The Nest Student Volunteers

Our 8th-grade students continue to live out what it means to be a Servant Worker and Community Builder.   Every other Friday, a group of 4 students will volunteer for an hour at The Nest Upscale Resale Shop.

Today we celebrate our first trip to the store with you.  The kids were busy cleaning, vacuuming, sorting, and organizing the clothing racks.   A favorite area was restocking stuff animals and the gentlemen in the group were able to test many donated electronic items.  They found a few real treasures… a cassette tape and an old Atari!   They also assembled storage racks, a stereo system, and a groovy lava lamp!

 We live in Christ's kingdom - we live among "our neighbors."    How can we love our neighbor as we love ourselves?  How can we help our neighbors?  The Nest Resale Shop loves and supports FCS and it is a great fit for our students to practice service. As well as, a place for our parents to volunteer.

 I pray that this will be felt among our students and FCS families, and even through our greater Fremont community.  May God use us to shine God's light on the communities around us!

If you would like to join our volunteering please call/email Heidie Snyder ( 924-2740. The Store Hours are Tue-Fri 10-5 pm, Sat 10-3 pm.