Mud Kitchen

Do you remember making "mud pies" as a child? We sure do! If you don't remember that, maybe you remember taking your mom's good silverware, Tupperware, or bakeware out into the sandbox (and maybe getting in a BIT of trouble). When you were exploring the world around you in those moments, you probably never realized that you were practicing many Early Childhood skills. In those moments of "play," you were developing fine and gross motor skills, boosting your senses and creativity, strengthening your social/emotional skills, and learning how to take turns and follow other's directions! 

The Preschoolers & Kindergarteners at FCS have been given the amazing opportunity to learn and develop new skills through "Mud Play" in our new Mud Kitchen! So far this week, they've made cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, cleaned up (and made) messes, made chocolate chicken soup, and so much more! Moments of joy and education like this wouldn't be possible without the help of our gracious donors and community supporters who help make dreams like our Mud Kitchen a reality. Thank you to all who donated time, energy, or supplies to this project.