SEED praise

October 10-14 was SEED Week at FCS.  

That means we take some extra time to learn about who God is and how we can be Students Equipped to be Excited Disciples.  With our theme “Evidence of the Spirit” we invited different staff members to come in and share their stories of God in their lives.  We heard about tough times, where staff members turned to God for help and salvation in their lives.  We heard how important it is to have a real relationship with God, not just a religion or head knowledge.  We’ve had great times of worshiping together and times of reminders to have God’s Word in our lives.  It’s been great to have our kids involved in raising their hands in worship and sharing answers and stories during circle time.

We are thankful for Zach Van Wyk, Profe Carolina, Dena DeKryger-Mathew, Nick Donkersloot, Rachael Bridges, Amber Bull, and Joel DeHaan who shared with us.  We were led in worship by some ladies from Resonate Church (including some ladies who are moms of our kids – Jenna, Lauren, Jazzlyn, and Megan -), Pastor Aaron and Kristie from Harvest Church, and No Grave Revival members, Jean, Rick, and Michael.  We sang our theme songs of “Evidence.”  We had different grades of students come up front and lead us in motions, and different students read verses for us in English and Spanish.  What a blessing to hear about God, about his Word, about his plan of salvation, and how that can affect our lives.  May we continue to live the Evidence of the Spirit as Students Equipped to be Excited Disciples!