We have the first three students to complete the FCS 100 Hours Outside Challenge for the year 2023! Congratulations Remi, Reo, and Evie on completing 100 hours outside. Each student received a certificate, a sticker badge, and an entry into a grand prize drawing at the end of the school year. FCS students, keep logging your hours outside! The challenge lasts through the end of the school year! #FCS100hoursoutside2023
9 months ago, Amber Bull
The 4th graders enjoyed playing their recorders for an audience of family, friends, and classmates at their recent recorder performance.
9 months ago, Amber Bull
FCS will be close Tuesday February 28th due to a power outage. Thank you to the crews working hard all around the state to restore power to so many.
9 months ago, Nick Donkersloot
Happy Independence Day of the Dominican Republic! Today the 1st graders and Kindergarten Spanish Immersion students celebrated with their parents and grandparents with special songs and dances. The students wore red, blue, and white of the Dominican Republic, and sang and waved flags of the country. Afterwards, snacks of the DR were enjoyed by all!
9 months ago, Vonnie Folkema
1st graders sing
Kindergarten dances
Dance with family 1
dance with family 2
Elementary Chapel Day: We heard about the Evidence of God in our lives in our words and deeds. Mrs. V. Folkema shared her story about how God is with us wherever we go, even on vacation! We learned a new song about “Whatever You Do” – how you need to do all to the glory of God. Many of the students also were able to lead us in our singing today. It was great to have some little ones come join us up front also! After being out 2 days for snow days, it was great to come back and focus on having God in our lives every day!
9 months ago, Vonnie Folkema
chapel 2.24b
chapel 2.24a
chapel 2.24c
chapel 2.24d
Fremont Christian will be closed Thursday February 23 due to weather conditions. Stay safe and warm.
9 months ago, Nick Donkersloot
Fremont Christian will be closed Wednesday February 22 due to weather conditions. Stay safe and warm.
9 months ago, Nick Donkersloot
3rd Grade SI sculpted water lilies in art class inspired by their study on Monet.
10 months ago, Amber Bull
Art 1
Art 3
Art 2
Last week first grade got together to learn about Harriet Tubman. We learned that Mrs. Tubman was a Justice Seeker by helping slaves get to freedom through the Underground Railroad. We also learned about the quilt of freedom and how that helped the slaves as well. We decide to make our own quilt!
10 months ago, Amber Bull
1 Quilt
Family Group Friday: the theme today was worship. In our groups, our middle school leaders led us with questions like: why do we worship? When do we worship? How do we worship? We shared our ideas and then had a time of worship together. We read together from Psalm 92 “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to your name, Most High; To declare your goodness in the morning, and your faithfulness by night.”
10 months ago, Vonnie Folkema
Family group 5
Family group 6
Family group report
Here is a snapshot of middle school science and social studies: -6th grade science making different types of volcanoes and seeing the effects on the landscape. -6th/7th social studies making irrigation systems for the monsoons in Ancient India. -7th science using graham crackers, frosting, and fruit by the foot to model different tectonic plate boundaries. -8th grade science making calorimeters to test the amount of energy we get from different foods.
10 months ago, Amber Bull
Last week, 3rd SI celebrated their last Christmas Party. Yes, you read that right! Students learned that Puerto Rico has the longest Christmas in the world. The 3rd graders learned more about their traditions, food and when is the end of Christmas. They enjoyed making 'quesitos', a traditional Puerto Rican pastry. Students also wrote a paragraph about their learning and share their findings and another dessert they made with their 8th-grade friends!
10 months ago, Amber Bull
The Outdoor Education 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders bundled up and headed out to the Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park last week. They enjoyed cross country skiing, riding the luge, ice skating, sledding, and playing broom ball. What a fun adventure enjoying God's creation through winter recreation!
10 months ago, Amber Bull
Winter 1
Winter 2
Winter 3
Winter 4
Middle School Chapel: Worship! Today in the MS chapel, we looked at what we thought the definition of worship was and what scripture had to say about worship. We noticed that our list of definitions included action and that the Bible pointed us toward understanding that worship starts in our hearts. Our MS students were challenged to lead all of our students in worship next week in their family groups.
10 months ago, Vonnie Folkema
MC chapel 1
Ms chapel 2
MS chapel 3
MS chapel 4
Spanish Chapel! Today our Spanish Immersion kiddos were able to praise God in the language they are learning on! It was so good to realize we can praise God in any language and what a blessing to be able to do it in two language, English and Spanish! What a great God we serve! ¡Qué gran Dios servimos!
10 months ago, Vonnie Folkema
SI chapel 1
Si chapel 2
SI chapel 3
SI chapel 4
On Tuesday January 17, Kinder and 2nd grade SI classes walked to the Inspire church to pack food for Hand2hand. That week, 180 bags were delivered. We also helped to pack some breakfast and snacks for the next following weeks. It was a blessing and joy to be community builders and servant workers for our community. We were also able to buy cereal and bring it to their pantry with the money we made every Wednesday selling snacks at school
10 months ago, Amber Bull
K 1
The 6th and 7th Grade SI students spent time making stupas from Ancient India this week. They had to include all of the features of the stupa (The umbrella, dome, base, etc), while also protecting it from the upcoming monsoons. Check out their work!
10 months ago, Amber Bull
The 4th Grade Outdoor Education students practiced observation and team work skills through learning how to pitch a tent this week! The Learning Target: I can observe a tent to learn its parts in order to rebuild it with my team. I can graciously communicate with my team to pitch a tent by building on others ideas and expressing my own.
10 months ago, Amber Bull
4OE 1
4OE 2
4OE 3
4OE 4
The Kindergarten OE students found God’s fingerprints in shapes, colors, and the states of matter. They created beautiful ice ornaments through the science of liquid water turning to solid ice. They hung their ornaments along the sidewalk for all to see!
10 months ago, Amber Bull
Buddy Day! 4th SI and Young 5's: We connected with the Young Fives to teach them a few colors, hand, foot, and left/right in Spanish, and to work on encouraging words.
10 months ago, Vonnie Folkema
4SI and Young 5's 1
4SI and Young 5's 2
4SI and Young 5's 3
4 SI